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Impossible challenge?

Hi I’ve read all the posts I can about ferocity but I’m confused how it affects events with rules. Today, I had an only pterosaur event and it seems like my opponents were way higher ferocity than my own. So are these events based on overall ferocity, did I just get a hard matchup, or are my pterosaurs really lacking? Any advice would be appreciated thank you.


The Sunday event tends to be level based, so what this is saying is that for your level you are lacking in pterosaurs. Nothing to do with Ferocity today.


Really I am level 95 and i get these opponts too - easy win for me :smiley:

Ah ok thanks that makes sense

Use a line 1. dimerphodon 2. pteranodon level 20, 3. pteranodon lvl 30

  1. round - use that point as a reserve.
  2. round 1. point for reserve 2 for defense
  3. round all points for reserve that. give you 8 reserve pointa
    dimorphodon will be beat but you have 8. points try deal as most damange as you can with pteranodon lvl 20 but also try get 8 reverse points again
    beware how your opponent use ther points and dont waste that your

its hard but you can win i believe

Nah I even got the ai in a hit 3 block 1 loop for a while, but theri has too much hp for a class disadvantage fight. I might be able to win but it would depend on a lot of luck.

yep and more that one try

That’s the same one I’m facing.

Pteranodon lvl 30 can 6 shot a maxed Therizino. But Ostafrika can 2 shot your Pteranodon…

I think to make this fair we should be able to use MODs (opponent can’t). 3 Terrifies or Inspires will make this a breeze. Also just found out that Splinter bypasses ALL opponent MODs (besides the dino you’re hitting). Yes, this means that if the last 2 creatures of your opponent has Armored Hide it’ll go straight pass it.

I had the and exact matchup today and I’m level 95.

Surprisingly, this event is the reason I joined the forum a few months back :rofl: I remember thinking if my level 10 Eolambia was disrupting my then level 40 super-rare bench and was ready to sell it, @anon43877113 stopped me from doing so.

Yeah this one event is seriously a little bit oily.


Indeed. Metriaphodon would make it much easier.


My Pterodactyluses took care of this matchup.

I have none.

Yup after a certain level, I think level 60? This event doesn’t change much, and only gets much easier as you continue to build out your bench.


The various “take out 9 opponents with your 3” events (dino charge) seem to be much the same as well. Get easier the more you level up.

Which reminds me… haven’t seen one of those in awhile now!


Missing them a lot. Used to be torture for me when I was a lower level.


We used to have those every week, the Dinosaur Charge Events. I used to love those back then because the cost so little for a greater reward,also below level 35 we had something like “win a match without a KO on your own team “ kind of thing.

The no KO one was terrible.


Agree, definitely don’t mind not having a long break between that event showing up again.