Impossible daily mission

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Bug Description: Using the ability stated in the mission doesn’t count

Area is was found in: Campaign

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Daily Mission “Use this ability 3 times: LESSER EMERGENCY HEAL”, goes to random campaign mission and choose meiolania, the only creature that have it, use it in the battle and the mission counter stays at 0/3
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Everytime

What type of device are you using: Redmi Note 9 Pro

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Same thing happened to me, while using it in a raid

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Yep, doesn’t work for me neither. Just tried it.

Same. I also tried it in raids. Didn’t work there either

Doesn’t work in campaign, friendly, strike tower or raid…

I need to use primal cleansing strike 3 times today, but that move isn’t there anymore? :woman_shrugging:t3:


300 diff DNA drones does X2 trex count as 1 or 2

This is impossible to do


This also can’t be done in one month.
Did anyone in programming actually read through all the missions?


we have 309 individual creatures in the game. still, thats an impossible achievement to make because many are event exclusive.

actually you can. you get three weekly missions at a time. just cant really miss any for the month.

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Ah. your right. I just completed one.

Here is what I sent to Ludia support:

Daily mission doesn’t work costing me 260 HC and $49.99

Had the “Use lesser emergency heal 3 times” initially.

Did the campaign rare test #2 with Meiolania, using lesser emergency heal 3 times, but JWA refused to register it.

Switched daily mission for free to “use drone to dart 2 epic flock creatures” but no flock creatures in range. So spent 10 HC to switch to mystery next of:

“use drone to dart 3 rare flock creatures” again none to be found, so had to spend 250 HC to mystery switch to “play with creature 3 times in sanctuary” which did not register my 8 efforts done since the daily mission time started so I ended up buying the $49.99 fip package. Now I also see JWA added another daily mission task just now of “donate 100 rare DNA to your alliance” that once again doesn’t register all my rare DNA donations I made since this daily mission started!

Refund me my costs due to all your JWA bugs!!!

Support key…

Now it also added yet another new DM task to my initial 5, of “donate 100 Rare DNA to Alliance” without accounting for the approx 300 Rare DNA I already donated to my alliance! Broken, broken, broken!!!

My original DM:

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I can complete daily and weekly quests.

Day one of the new missions and I (and a lot of others) have a mission to use primal cleansing strike.

Which doesn’t event exist in the game now…

I mean, come on. How can things like this happen again and again and again? Does nobody check things before, during or after implementation?

This now likely means that all of us with this mission can’t get the max reward for month one of the pass.

Can you please look into this @Ned?


Yes @DeanotheDino, If you write in to support at we can assist you with this issue.

Thank you!

Zone 2 doesnt have flocks let alone commons. This is so unfair to everyone like me who have to wait for half a week to get to zone 3 and even more to the people who get moved to zone 2 next month

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Agreed, having to dart two epic flocks already screwed me because im stuck in a “no epic flocks” zone. Leave it to Ludia to add something new and so broken that it screwed most of their players over on day one.


You can go to the park during the day and find Coelurosauravus

And for people who dont have nearby landlocked parks?

The dailies before werent this tedious absurd and stupid

Again there was no changing needed for the sake of pretentious changing

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