Impossible mission

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Bug Description: Impossible mission

Area is was found in: Missions tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- get unlucky
Step 2 - suffer
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: once so far

What type of device are you using: iPhone 8

Anything else?
The do 4 friendly strike battles is impossible today because there literally ISNT four battles to do today…


I know I can re roll but I shouldn’t have to use MY resources to fix YOUR bugs


Hi there PyraandMythra. Just want to confirm to you that the team is actively looking into resolving any such potential Mission issues. Here is some more info:

Thank you for your patience!

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Well did you already use your free reroll? I understand why your re saying but that dosent require resources

Theu really shouldn’t have to reroll for this and potentially get another horrible one that they would have to pay for


True but there’s still the chance he could end up with a good one and not have to pay for it and this would at least have a temporary fix for now but yeah no I do agree they shouldn’t HAVE to bc these ppl can’t sort out out their game

It does require a valuable resource: your time. We shouldn’t have to deal with these.

X’DDD Indeed!

I spent way more hc that i anticipated rerolling a few myself. It get wxponentially bigger. 10, 50, 200

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Skull reaction

Once again, I hate rng

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There is another bug with the daily mission having to use the skill “lesser emergency heal” I’ve tried all manners to achieve this from tournament battle, friendly raid, friendly battle, and nothing. Please look into this as it’s the last mission on the daily to get the dna.

Also Primal Cleansing Strike no one has

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I got that one and had to reroll.

I’ve had the Primal Cleansing Strike mission come up two times for me now already.