Impossible now

I have been playing Warriors since it came out, and it became my favorite pass-time mobile game of all time. But now I have dumped my subscription because at an average of 17th level my entire team gets slaughtered in the first round of explore mode, stuck in the swamp for a long time unless I spend an outrageous amount of money on legendary items (I am maxed out on nearly everything else on my character roster): One hit again any one of my PCs = dead. It happens so quickly that it is almost funny the first time. Only the first time. If the game had a real DM, the scenario would be called “The Donjons of Endless Resurrections” and put Tomb of Horrors to shame in terms of TPKs.

So I hope somebody fixes this unfair game balance.

You are giving too much credit to legendary items and too little credit to item levels. The people I’ve talked to only use one or two legendary items per character because legendary items tend to be low level. While your other items may have achieved the maximum effect level, that’s far from the maximum item level. The extra stats from increased item levels is what makes your characters able to survive multiple hits from the monsters rather than dying in one hit.

You have a good point: Still, at my characters level is feels like a slog now. Also, despite your valid observation, I do wish that getting legendary weapons to their max level didn’t take so darned long without dumping boatloads of money into it.

I actually enjoy the hardness off this game. The higher lvl and gear you get the game does not let up but has even more difficulty. I think if you just don’t enjoy the grind anymore then like a lot of players you just give up or play casually but for me I want to still grind and lvl up and gear up all I can. As for legendaries they are mostly useless and most of my lvl 18 minimum to lvl 22 characters use common items. See it as a challenge and don’t give up either as I still lose and die plenty.

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By the way I still pay VIP but i have not spent any other money on the game and would only grind gems to get 2x packs when offered. Don’t chase legendaries or silver hands even they are not great. Spend time on gear mixes and getting items you use to higher lvls.
Come join us at Cthulhu Warriors we always win the raids and rally’s and I prob get 4/5 legendaries and silver hands each month. Plus we swap gear etc. A good guild is vital. Please look us up and join if you are in a poor guild

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Yes; I will look you up for sure!

Nathal … where are you buddy. We got the latest silver hand and legendary gear. You can’t moan it is too hard and not join a proper guild

Why your NOT progressing I meant.