Impossible Strike Events

I’m a level 10 right now with the highest level dinosaur I have right now being a lv 16 indominus rex I barely scrapped together. I wanted to try the high-tier strike event this weekend only to get completely obliterated by the two level 30 hybrids. Can we perhaps get a balancing patch so I’m not up against a level 6 apatosaurus for scent strikes and level 30 legendary & unique hybrids for epic incubator-level rewards?

Not all strikes are meant to be beatable for everyone. Thats why todays strike is listed at master difficulty(hardest) and scent strikes are either friendly or beginner difficulty (easiest)


There are some that are meant to be hard, and some people just wont be able to beat them. Just how it is. Its meant to be like that

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You should find the blue strike towers somewhat more challenging but able to beat at your level. I lost the first try but felt good enough on my first try to cough up the 200 and retry and won. I just turned level 16 today.

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I’m a pretty high level in comparison and i got destroyed the first time I tried it I tried again for 200 and “just” beat it this is why the strike towers are different difficulties so everyone can have a chance compared to what level of player they are

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dont know if you already tried it but heres something you may try

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It’s not designed to make you retry. Its designed to be hard, which makes u want to strengthen your team. Not everything should be easy. Theres a reason this is listed as master level difficulty @doktoroetker

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If your geam was stronger you wouldn’t have had to retry. Plenty of people beat it first go. Myself included. Granted not everyone has level 26+ dinos to their name like me. But thats the purpose of ranging difficulties. Some are hard for a reason

I got beat first time but that was my fault it was the bad decisions I made in the battle that lost me the game not ludia. I paid the 200 to do it again and did it not easily cos it is a solid one but I didn’t make the same mistakes

No offense guys, but the whole game is designed to make you pay and it is quite obvious.

Paying is the only way to make real progress. Spend 50$ and receive 200 legendary dna and coins to level up. Or grind one week to level 1 dinosaur and make 0 progress.

Strike events are no exception. Either have a Team with Dinos about 22+ and have a chance or go for the retry. Sure, you can win sometimes, but when a lvl 30 Dino crits, you will probably lose.

This is not about being a difficult task, this is about people going for retries or encourage them to level their team, which usually costs thousands of dino dollars (that can be bought).

After every level up you receive an offer to buy something “cheap”, but still expensive.

The game even offers you to buy VIP for nothing but more range.

JWA literally screams “give me your money” in your face. All this is calculated, winning makes you feel good, losing is frustrating, especially when it was a close fight.

But hey, believe what makes you feel better :wink:

Edit: community flag. You guys are crybabys :rofl:

If you don’t like it you know what to do and I’ve been playing since launch and I’ve spent in total about £30/£40

We all started out and worked our way up,. There were many events I looked at, seen the opponents and decided against even attempting it. It isn’t an unfair deal at all. After a ton of time and some money I managed to beat today’s event first try. I do see there are many strike events weekly and most of them are geared towards the beginner and intermediate players. You will get there, it just takes time. Sorry if I sounded harsh.

I know what to do. I will play this game as long as I enjoy it and if I stop enjoying it, I will not pay but simply quit playing the game. :wink:

I don’t care if people spend money on this game. Completely up to them. The game needs some revenue to exists.

Still I think it is important to understand how the p2w model works and how people are pushed to pay. Many people seem not to understand. If strikes where about difficulty, why make people pay for more tries instead of letting them learn…? :wink:

I’ve only recently spent any money on this I’ll admit the pricing structure on this for incubators is crazy. I’m never gonna spend nearly £50 on one thing in a mobile game but the things I’ve spent money on I wouldn’t say have gave me any advantage really it’s been mostly for coins and cash but the point of having different level strike towers is so all players of different skill have a chance at something .the epic strike towers have always been solid but if you spin all you’re stops in a day you’ll have I think 50 60 cash a day do that every day and you’ve got more than enough to try the towers more than once

Sorry had to add something I’ve been thinking for a while. The easier strike towers during the week I see as training for the epic towers because usually they’re the same kind of battles you’re gonna face in the epic strikes so you know what to do. Also yeah the vip is not worth the money they charge I did it for one month then cancelled it and so far I haven’t missed it enough to pony up nearly ten quid a month

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