Impossible strike towers

Why have some strike towers become so challenging that it’s hard for any player to achieve sometimes and making us pay to redo them when this was guaranteed dna and coins for all playing . Now many are not able to get this without paying cash to redo them . Not an enjoyable experience is it !

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I’ve played this game since release day, and I’ve noticed a difference in the strike towers since Jam City took over. More of them give no free retries, and often they have level caps. The lowest I’ve seen is a creature level cap of 11 (the Baryonyx strike that was actually a Dimetrodon). This forum used to have threads where people discussed strategies for beating towers. Now those threads are gone, and since I refuse to pay HC to retry I’ve been skipping towers that I’m not sure I can complete. A strat thread would really help!

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On the flip side many of the epic multi step towers give out the epic incubator after the first win.

After that play till you lose or don’t care all that’s to be had for rewards is some extra coins.

I kinda like the level restricted towers since I actually have to pay attention to the fight and strategize. Reminds me of the old days.


There was a 3 step gold one not too long ago that I was able to beat, but it took so long that it ended up not being worth the time and heat.
My new rule of thumb is it its a 3 step L11 capped, I better be able to do it from the house or I’ll pass.
It’s just too hot to be spending 20 min on 4 accounts for 1250 coins each.

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