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Impossible to climb ladder arena

I ve done a lot arena since 3 season. I m winning, loosing, win, win, loss, loss etc.

Also my defense is mostly loosing. This means i m stuck at 600 -700 trophy. Every season even less cause the cut back…

Its kinda frustrated. Teams are 6500 till 7500 and in Just 6200…

Hoe is this possible?

They have probably removed all bots, like in the last season, at least for us. So now we’re more likely to be attacked. And hearing the new season may promise better reward, many who stopped playing may come back and have a try, hence more defences. And surely they have lowered the buff on defense team, making them more vulnerable, this is good because at least people who actively participate in it would more likely to climb higher, and more trophies are generated from win streaks. This season leaving arena there is surely no longer the best way to earn trophies. I don’t feel the promised better matchmaking. So I still lose quite often, but it’s much easier to win now that the same defense teams are not so hard to beat. I don’t need to drop too much to reach a win streak now.

I do win slight more but all won thropies go away by my defense team… So i Stay at this range… So frustrated