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Impossible to do Alpha battles since 1.12 update

Since the update to 1.12.17 , the game is no longer letting me join Alpha battles.

First off, when entering the clan screen, the game is telling me it is “out of sync with the server” and next that it is “resetting the clan data”.

Then, after ckicking the start battle button and selecting the team, an error code pops up immediately saying “Failed to join Alpha battle. Please try again later. Error code 320”.

I’ve tried logging out and back in to Google play as well as removing and reinstalling the app, but both without result.

I’m sorry that you are having some issues with the Alpha battle since the update, Destrux1979. If you haven’t already, could you please reach out to our support team here at so our team can take a look to see what’s causing this issue?

If you can include your support key and device information in your email, as well, it would be really helpful for their investigation.


I’ve got this problem too…pops up alpha battle error code 320…sent e-mail to support but nothong happened…

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