Impossible to keep it up with boosts - How to proceed and have fun battles then?

Today we got another boost-sale, This time with 50 boosts for total 1000 green cash.

To buy all this offers (150 boosts) we need to spend 3000 green cash! This is nearly 25 dollar! Or 25 Euro.

Will the boosts be sold on Sunday again? And on next Wednesday aswell? And every other weeks all other months…?

How to even keep it up?

Why trying to invest in all this boosts when we can’t compete in a good way?



I’m having fun still even with boosts. I had 500 HC to buy some on Wednesday, I don’t have enough to buy any today, boohoo, i’m still having fun.

If you get to a point in the game where you do nothing but complain, then it’s time to rethink and find other enjoyment, because the constant moaning brings other moods down.


I just don’t get caught up in freaking out if I can’t buy boost. I don’t boost and just lose battles. It’s frustrating trying to fill incubators but other than that it doesn’t matter where my trophies are.

Buying boost will mean you always have to buy more. You’ll hit the point where your opponents out boost you and you need more to stay where you are. So it’s never ending.

To me my goal is to collect all creatures which I need 4 more total. Then I’d like to max my favorite creatures. I’ve got 1, my Stegodeus to max so far. I’d like utasinoraptor to be another.


I just play and have fun.
Not sure what the problem is.
I’m more annoyed with match making.


I play and try to have fun , but it’s difficult to do that when you know the odds are stacked against you .
I buy boosts when I have the game cash , but since starting just over a year ago and being vip , I feel that spending any more than I already have is pointless .
So I drop and feel frustrated seeing players with lower level dinos beat me because they’ve boosted more than me . Especially that rat which should never have been in the game but hey ho …


Total stupid top management :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


So boost price has doubled is that what people are saying? Maybe fewer people are buying them now so they had to raise the price lol

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Can’t see the point to collect 90.000 coins to level up my Utasino.

It won’t be any better or any faster.

Why collect even 100.000 more coins for next level?

The health or damage won’t be enough.

This feeling of NEVER having a PERFECT team, is REALLY hard to accept.

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The feeling that you can’t compete in the top anymore (without spending 50$ / week)


Seeing your hard effort becoming nerfed and useless. Once you know your team could be good and great. Now the dinos dosen’t have a purpuse - Only if I can keep spend more.


You can’t change your setup, you will need to have same dinos over and over again. If you don’t want to spend another 100-150$ (!!) to level 1 dino up.

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Tapjoy offer yesterday was 200%, there were multiple offers that were free and took minutes. Yes its hard or impossible to keep up but it always was

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That’s how I felt when Boost first came out. I have played the game free since the beginning and I have a great team but all my hard work is amounting to nothing because I won’t use Boost. In your case all your hard work is amounting to nothing unless you keep spending money on Boost.

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Boost price hasn’t doubled at all.

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He just didn’t notice you get twice as many for twice the price , that’s all .

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Correct, individual boost price per each is still the same (20 HC per single boost), packaging amount doubled. The users who had saved up the 500 HC (old ‘regular’ price for package of 25) now have to purchase the other 500 HC so they can make a purchase, or go without. And those users who were used to 2000 HC for the three purchases (2 @ 500 and 1 @ 1000), now need an extra 1000 HC to make the purchase.

Since boosts are the life blood of the game now, I would think many of those customers will automatically purchase the extra HC so they can purchase the current boost package(s). No, perhaps not all, but marketing is counting on many to do this. Some others will reluctantly hit the store for more HC because they are already too deep into the boost meta to not purchase them. Others might sacrifice purchasing all the packages (the ones who had saved up 2000 HC) and just purchase two.


You are never in the top.
Don’t worry about it.
If being on top is the only thing that makes you happy you will just continue to post negativity for as long as you play.

EVERYONE gets nerfed.
You are not singled out.
Just adapt like everyone else is.

Everyone is also locked in to their setup.
In a weird way the messed up match making makes it easy to change things around. I dropped a highly boosted Indo for a waaa waa L24 Dio and it matches somewhat appropriately.
You don’t have to be a victim, settle in, adjust, and rock whatever arena you wind up in.


This IS the problem.

Because we now running around buying boosts and then… Poff! Meta changed. Oh!! Our dinos are usless.


We are happy to once again buy new sets of ingredients to make other dinos and see them becoming usless…?

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Adapt and overcome.
Lots of good dinos out there.

Look. The arena is just awful.

From 51xx to 47xx.

This drop comes from no battles,
It’s just raw punishment because unboosted dinos.

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If that’s all you’ve dropped be happy. I’ve dropped from 4896 to around 36xx finally broke 4k then dropped back down around 37xx again. At least you can get Pteranodon. I’ve gotta hope one pops up in a park or I’ll never get Quetzorion.

I hunt L4 parks, they are most of my hunting grounds. In my area, best chances for Pteranodon are morning and evenings, with Friday through Sunday best chances. Hit all the predictable Rare proximity spawn points, that is where most will pop up. I have never used a scent for them so couldn’t say if they help. There might be more of them at night, but I hit the sack early so have no idea what pops up after dark.

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