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Impossible to see remaining HP

  1. inflicted “injury” against the red dragon
  2. bard healed the party
  3. “injury” status killed the dragon
  4. every subsequent stage had all four health bars as solid white so I couldn’t see the PCs’ current health.

I’m sorry that happened, @dpat10. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re looking into it.

No problem, I saw it reported below but dev teams want to try to recreate it so I thought I’d post the steps I took to present the bug. Thanks!

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If you hold your characters a popup will appear that tells you their HP in terms of numbers.

This game is not worth the money…and we’re beta testing this * game…when I found an error they haven’t given back my gems for over a week…but they promised me a random crap loot chest…I dont know how to contain my underwhelming joy…this game will be gone soon unless major changes occur…peace, I’m out

I’m aware (others may not be) but it’s still a bug.