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Impossible to win daily battle. Rivals are extremely overpowered

Rivals have strength three times my best ones.

Why am I assigned those ridiculously difficult tasks?

See the pic for example.

too powerful I don’t even do this event, you have to do the tournament instead …

Wut event is that?

Probably f4f.

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Fight for funds. Rarity rumble is also very difficult.


Welcome to the forums @jamespppqqq. The F4F events are always that hard. You need to improve your lineup




Look at mine, If I want to win and get the prizes I have speed up. No easy battle at all. These are not fight for funds, it’s the ordinary battle events.

A lot of these are the same level as in my game. Some of the special events have fixed values for Dino’s. Young parks will just greatly struggle to complete them.

And down the road, when you have much stronger Dino’s, these events will be super easy.

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You need a stronger roster of dinos, that’s why you are facing these hard opponents.

Did you grind to level up to 77? If so then the game thinks you’re further ahead than you are.

Some events are based off your park level, not ferocity of dinos.

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You can certainly beat the Apatosaurus. You need to look up the chart that shows you how damage multiplies as you get more hits - for example with 4 hits you do 6.4 x damage; at 8 hits you do 20 x damage. So if you can use two carnis to store points while doing some blocks - remember he will be at 1/2 attack - you can get 7 or 8 clear hits on him with the Indominus and kill him.


That Indominus rex is hurting you. Get it support (of the non-carnivore variety) or get rid of it


At level 77, you don’t have enough vip dinosaurs. Save up your jw points and spend it on the vip dino. They cost 10k vip points each. Trade for the points when there is a coin for jwp deal. It takes a while but they are worth it.


It might also be worth slowing down the level rises by sticking on a difficult mission for a bit while you build up dinos, battles will continue to get harder if you keep rising.

Then use some DNA to get Pterandon and Icthyostega up to max level, as a start.