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Impossible To Win!

Now I Understand Because Thor Is So Hated!


You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet




This is just a taste of things to come for you, it gets much worse than that!
I’m at 4600 trophies and I’ve been there or thereabouts for a few months now. Everyone has massively boosted Thor’s and rats, so this a chance for you to see what you are in for.
To be fair, you are punching way above your weight in this tournament, other players will have loads of boosts on much stronger dinos than you have. But good for you on having a go anyway.


Well you need better and higher lvl dinos to compete against that. Your dinos are not strong enough to progress passed a lvl 23 unique, not just Thor. If you meet a lvl 23 Dilorach, Dio, Rinex, Tryko, Magna, Zorion, Erlidom, or any of these unique beasts. Your team is not ready for them. But you seem higher in the tourney than I would imagine so good job so far.


Well this is rank based matchmaking and not power based. What did you expect?

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Question is do you prefer this matchmaking or the one which you have in arena?

I prefer both since both are the same at 5.5k trophies.

Feel your pain. My Tier 6/7 full 30 team is getting absolutely slammed in tournament by 24-27s with boosts up as high as tier9 (the hell?).
That is always fun. Glad I got my progress all the way up to 30 so that I can be smacked down by newer players with deeper pockets than what Tapjoy gives me.

On that sad note, back to the studio!


Oh my dear friend… better start getting used to it.



I would say the same about the 2 Erliko hybrids and pretty much the same joker who thought making DioRaja relevant again was funny.

Just because you havent learnt to deal with 1 of 162 dinos doesnt make the game bad.

No one is forcing you to pay. You already win when playing towers. Arena was always gonna be a griefing place.

If Rat was to make money for Ludia, it failed. I havent boosted the Rat in ages.

If you were the only player playing this game, that would be true.


Matchmaking in tournament is ridiculous. When I fell around 2000th place I get smash fest against players with several lvls lower dinos. When I’m one win away I lose to more boosted higher lvl dinos team or just because everyone draw Tryko when I don’t draw any counter for it or I get blesses with totaly wrong dinos for that battle.

Never used DC, though I leveled it up to 23.

Ahhh. The Peter Principle in action.

That is pretty much how things were in arena in 1.6 and before.

Tournament just gives you the sped up version