Impression after 2 days of gaming

Hello fellow players/dungeoneers,
hello developers,

After two days of playing I like to share my impressions, that might help others or make the developers think about.

Because I play D&D ever since I might have overreacted as I saw a game with D&D mechanics to pre-register. Still exited when the game launched I decided to pay some thrust in advance and subscribed.

So, what now after 2 days? My status is: All chars on Level 5, PVP arena 3, stuck at Dungeon 3, 3rd boss.

What impressed me:

–> Game started with a tutorial

–> Graphics are nice, character look good

–> Official license use

–> not only the monsters prove a challenge, the enviroment in a dungeon room too sometimes

What needs improvement in my opinion:

–> Enough posts about the gold shortage exist, I can sign that

–> The grind mechanism is too early and too obvious

–> If I need to grind I should have the possibility to do that and not wait for hours to get a free challenge again

–> Don’t call it a VIP subscription unless a subscriber in fact feels like a VIP, for example let a subscriber get special characters for PVE only. I know it is difficult to give a subscriber notable advancements without having the world yell pay2win.
That is where the smart game designers comes into play…:wink:

–> Trolls live outside the balance

–> Chances for uncovering secret rooms should raise if the rogue is in group (because its a dwarf AND a rogue chances should double…:wink: )

–> The redundant cards we have reflect the loot we found in the dungeon and should sell way better to restore gold balance a bit

–> The level progression (in combination with the gold shortage) reminds me on the hell levels in good old Everquest after reaching level 4. Maybe this is intended to slow down advancement, but as player I want a carrot dangling before my nose, and not 10 miles away.

Please keep in mind, that’s my impressions after two days. I am anxious if any of the input in the forum will find its way into game.

Good hunting

Just my 2 coppers



I completely agree. I’m on my first day but have been playing basically 18 hours straight, when worth it. Its eating up my time and my phone battery. Which means it’s a good game but I’m really hating the giant rifts in gameplay, resources and mechanics