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Improve area/location irl players support


I live în a Park and there is no Green area also there are few drop/dino spawn location and others are difficult to get like standing almost in middle of road or need to jump fences, in public school, private area, others are simple located în such places that no one reach/use them, because there are no houses or the road no one use it . I have some few suggestion, and i know this game its all for getting you out of The house and walk and i have a route where i can walk like i sayed inside a park(very beautiful area) but There are no so many dinos/drop things.

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In this one The right drop is to far and by GPS buggy cant see it so i have to jump The fence, if this can be place a little more inside.




The strike box its almost made me stay in The middle of road to reach it , in The left road there is nothing(so no one use The drop/dino spawn) , and The down road you cant reach by foot only with car, if The strike drop would be a little inside and The other drop would pe placed on The Black circle i would have my daily route, to walk and Hunt The dinos!!! I have hundreds of Green area but zero ierbivores, and i dont want with this post to make The dino spawn near me or inside my house, i just want to reach them, to walk everyday and to get some dino!!
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4 rare dinos and i cant reach
I dont have drop boxes in my area only 2 normal drop box that i can reach, and i dont know how a event drop box looks like and other players complains they have 2 event drop box near theyr house
This is why i quit on playing this game in the first time because i dont have anything near my area, the events come and go,i dont have dino around me to go out and hunt them, i dont have event Green drop box, i dont have strike drop box, i cant enjoy this game.


Google maps can do those changes, i tried to comunicate with google maps asking for some areas that isn’t show as park on maps and the jwa, but none response of Google :frowning:


This is so sad i want to enjoy The game but i cant what you see is what i can reach those 2 drop boxes from pictures one


But i think Ludia can put those event and strike boxes more near players i dont know if google map do that, or make event like arena battle s-o we all could do The events and strike!!!


Thanks for the feedback @Deius. If you reached out to our team here at with more of your park location information, they’ll be happy to document it for any future adjustments that would happen. Also, if you find that there is a Supply Drop that is located in an unsafe location, our team can take a closer look if you send in a report to our support team. To report a location, tap on the Supply Drop on the map and press the flag icon on the upper right corner.


Dude. The game isn’t made for you. The only valid complaint you’ve had was the one about living in a park that isn’t recognized as a park.


Why you say that, aside The Park thing i just sayed i dont or cant reach strike and event boxes


Plus i dont dream to get în top 1000 i just want to walk my route and catch some dino, to play Green events and strike like everybody do!!