Improve Laeral’s Quest prizes

These prizes had a nice ‘generous’ feel when they came out. It was disappointing to see them nerfed. Having a 1,000 coin Grimoire is like Dunkin’ having a 5 cent discount on a cup of coffee. C’mon! It is entirely in Ludia’s interest to have the prizes big enough to get excited about.


I completely agree that producing MORE generous prizes would motivate people to spend longer on the game. However, it seems to be the case that unless you pony up large amounts of gems, you don’t get the decent rewards. It is my understanding from some of the higher level players on here that you can earn lots of gems using the books and several hours of grinding. However, this is less accessible to anyone on lower levels or who doesn’t have loads of hours every week to play (maybe that’s the point - casual gamers only deserve casual rewards). People in that situation are forced to pay real world money to get gems to get better rewards - e.g. the 2 for 1 Legendary offer costs what Ludia considers to be £25 (in the UK - not sure what it would be in other currencies) worth of gems if you had to buy them from the store.

The only time I get a whiff of the good rewards is the once a month daily login legendary and I get rewards rained on me during the guild raid because we always hit the targets - so that’s how I build my Silverhand collection. Funnily enough, you are right about needing the prizes to be big enough to get excited about. The guild rallies and raids are the only PVE elements of the game I spend several hours committed to in any given week. I cannot be bothered grinding out any of the other PVE content because I think the rewards at my current level are too weak to be worth the time and effort exerted.

I have all my gear up at a reasonable level to be effective in PvP at my current level and to earn 10 rare items for example as a reward for a challenge run just doesn’t excite me when I need several hundreds to make it up to the next effective POWER UP level for each item.

It of course depends what you like doing in the game and I suppose the fact that guild events and regular PvP keep me playing the game means they are doing something right and perhaps people are meant to pick and choose what they want to do and if a reward is worth their time or effort.


The quickest way to advance (apart from spending crazy amounts of money) is to continuously farm the top unlocked dungeon.

I agree the rewards on pretty much all other events have been downgraded to the point it’s not worth the effort.

The only reason I enter the odd event is to break up the gameplay a little.

Black dragon update can’t come quick enough.

Grinding out the PVE content is the only way to advance your current level and through the game… In this quote you’re essentially just saying you don’t want to better your account by putting in the time, and are wondering why you’re not being handed out more for your limited play.

I agree if Ludia became more generous it would increase overall activity, especially with the now near-infinite gear levels - but it’s not going to do anything for your progression in the big picture. It just feels good to get freebies.

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