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Improve list scrolling

I mentioned this before several times without any success but the actual, very easy tournament, brought up a long requested wish from my side again.

I do not need any of my top 100 to 150 dinosaurs in this tournament which makes scrolling through my list a real torture.
There must be a way to implement a faster scrolling feature in large dino lists. This is becoming so terrible that I’m beginning to reduce my playing because I’m so tired of it. And I’m afraid that I’m on the verge to discover some issues with my fingers.

Please Ludia show us that you can develop something to make life easier for us. At least a button for continues scrolling can’t be a problem.

And can you add a yes/no confirmation for cooldown speedups against bucks…this request is dedicated to @Jurassic_Fury.


Ya this also happens to me, something after scrolling a bit I accidentally click on the cooldown Dino and loose bucks . This happens very often to Mee, please Ludia, Do SOMETHING about this😭

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I currently don’t now this problem, but I can imagine this very well. Another Problem with scrolling is that if very many creatures are on cooldown the scrolling gets very slow and laggy. But Ludia won’t focus on this anyways, because they won’t earn more money with this. This is the same with the Pick-Up-Many-Decorations bug.

I have wasted at least 400 bucks in accidentally clicking the cooldown Dinos . But yeah as you said Ludia won’t care about it.

But they could make this and other small improvements to make their customers happy. Happy customers means more money for them. That is basic economy.

@Tommi if you can edit this, add a ‘Bucks Confirmation’ line… Because my net bucks lost due to silly mistakes adds up to around 1000

In general you are right, but I don’t really think that anybody would stop playing this game just because of this small things.

Please they need to add a Sorting for battle based on cooldown.

They already have, chek it xD but it only shows Dino’s that are used but leaves the one which are not and then arranged them from frocity

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They need a cooldown FILTER, not sorting.

Check the box to remove all dinos on cooldown.

They could also use a min/max ferocity selector. So, you just push the max down to skip over your top dinos when you don’t need them.


This is an awesome Idea of @Timmah and I think it is not that hard to implement I guess. @Keith Can you forward the Suggestion of Timmah to the development team?

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