Improve Megalosuchus


Why is this Siberian Tiger wrapped in razor wire weaker than the panther (Gorgosuchus)? It needs a buff. Speed mostly. Or get rid of that critical impact crap and put in defense shattering impact. Megalosuchus loses to Gorgosuchus every single time. Something needs to change.


Why don’t you drop Megalosuchus and put Gorgosuchus on your team?


Why is the epic able to easily kill its fusion?


Because that is how evolution works! Some species are nature’s failed experiments that become extinct… Fast… Seriously, however, you may be using Megalosuchus wrongly. I have lost quite a few battles against Megalosuchus… That happens when my Dino has been weakened and Megalosuchus finishes me off with his counterattack…


megalosuchus is quite strong! opponent suddenly swap in and kill almost 800-1000 HP


Oh, you misunderstand. I love Megalosuchus. It’s the Indominus rex killer. It just frustrates me that Megalosuchus gets pretty much nothing from gorgosuchus other than physical design. Why doesn’t it have a defense shattering move when gorgo has 2? And it’s attack is so much lower.


I’ve been saying this many times. Megalosuchus needs at least one shattering move from Gorgosuchus. When Ludia is going to listen to us and replace its pinning strike with shattering strike or impact? I also agree that it is a very slow dinosaur.


They aren’t going to listen to you because people are forever asking for specific dinos to gain moves that would make them OPaf. Balance is important and harder than people think. Mega is very powerful and although I don’t think giving it DS strike would be terrible it isnt fundamentally necessary.


We don’t ask for a superiority/nullifying or any other move that would make Megalosuchus OP. Gorgosuchus has 2 shattering moves so it doesn’t make any sense that Megalosuchus didn’t inherit either of them.


Megaloauchus have double life than gorgosuchus and a op coubter attack buffed +shield, he only lack speed, i think 120,125 would make him top, in that case he can do shield before losing half life


I agree, If there was a potential speed buff for the megalosuchus, that would really help boost his survivability. The megalo has the same speed as an ankyntrosaurus, a tank roly poly. With a speed of 120 would make it ideal and just as fast as a tryostonixs. A bump up from 115 to 118 would be I think fair. At least then, it should outspeed the mono and eino. The gorgosuchus and megalosuchus reminds me of dogs that can run fast for some reason :man_shrugging:t3:


Well they’re compared to big cats. So close enough. They should be faster. My megalosuchus is almost never faster than my opponent.


I agree that megalosuchus us inferior to gorgosuchus in raw strength. But megalosuchus is more of an aggressive tank than a raptor with more health and better critical. Tho I do believe it should have at least a 10% crit chance because gorgosuchus’ crits are what I love about him; a faster trex that I actually get clutching criticals with. And pinning strike is absolutely useless, this just needs to be removed from the game entirely. Stopping your opponent from switching only does something when it lasts, like lockdown strike. Maybe they should replace it with defense shattering strike


I think one way megalosuchus would be greatly improved is by giving it the ferocity swap in ability. Without touching any other stats that would make it pretty dangerous, without making it op.


Megalosuchus is okay. No change needed.