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Improve the Chat System

The chat system dates back to 1999. It’s rudimentary at best. The history is very limited and it’s a source of pain for communications. It needs some updates or improvements.
Here are some suggestions and there might be more:

  1. when you type @username in chat, that message should also be sent to the user’s mailbox. so that important information pertaining to the user could be read.
  2. move the trades to a trading post instead of chat and let chat be chat.
  3. Have a notification system for leaders (banner), broadcast.
  4. increase the size of the history.

Others may have suggestions, but this at least is a start to help facilitate communication and making it more a social app that might be usable.


Also emotes should also be available in the chat.
We also need trading
5 common = 1 rare
3 rare = 1 Epic

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