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Improve the guilds

Hi as a guild leader I have a big problem.

After a week or two the new recruits get bored and move onto a new game.

That leaves me with a roster that’s 80% inactive.

I’d like a tool or option that allows me to review and kick out any inactive player to allow the guild and guild challenges to be more inclusive.

Even if every month the players ranked 40 to 50 were kicked automatically off that would make player who wanted to compete to be in the top 40.



Agree 100%. It would be really useful to see activity and/or to have people autobooted out of guild who are inactive.

Do you check donations and guild events rank?

I will go further: why not a guild store? Now people are already sitting at ~1k tokens without any use other than joining rallies, and at the future, those who choose to stay at the same guild for life will be sitting at lots of keys too. So why don’t give another use for em other than joining events? Let players purchase packs/items/books with em! Make possible for em to donate tokens/keys for exclusive short extra events, implement a guild renown system requiring these currencies to level up and improve the offers (which still can have a % chance of appearing)… The sky is the limit here.

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It’s Pretty easy to see who is inactive by paying attention to trophy and donation counts . As a guild leader you already have the ability to kick out anyone you need to.

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True, but knowing exactly how long someone is inactive would be a great boon. I wouldn’t want to boot anyone on vacation. I do have a list of inactive players, but I already play this game to spend my time and I’m sure Ludia would rather have me playing than spending time managing my guild. I don’t get anything for my work.


It’s a complete pain to be sure. Gifts, trophies, hero levels, chats, raids/rallies. I screenshot profiles. Other guild leaders keep a spreadsheet. It’s no fun but it can be done.

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Watch the Battle timer for how many days are left in the ladder.
With a day to go, kick anyone that has a 0 for their Battle Ranking.

My challenge is no guild recruits coming in. It has been 4 weeks since anyone has joined, and Inhaveonly had 5 people join in 4 months. We are 100% active, but only 12 members now. :grimacing:

It would really help if DM was instituted to help with guild recruiting.

Join the Knights of Kadosh.

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It is unfortunate there are no significant tools available for recruiting or guild management purposes. Fortunately, I am in a top guild with fantastic members, all managed by a great and humble leader. As such I hardly take notice of these ongoing guild management issues.

The ongoing player exodus has likely created a problem for many smaller guilds. Perhaps I might suggest a few of the small upcoming guilds consider consolidating to form a larger guild. I understand this would require some current guild masters to cede autonomy to others, but doing so may help these guilds mitigate the ongoing decline in active players.


I global chat would be nice addition and allow recruitment and private message too as long there an ignore option

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Any mods or devs reading this thread? If players are leaving the game, consolidating guilds would be a good idea to clean up excess guildage. Who knows how many empty and/or dead guilds there are out there? Active guilds would get more requests if there was fewer choices. As well, there are virtually 0 tools to help a player choose a guild. I honestly think that this (Guild tools in general) is an issue that needs be addressed.


Absolutely. I spend some money on the game and find the game fairly enjoyable. But the Guild System is BROKEN.