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Improve the rewards 6 hours card


Hey Ludia please improve the rewards 6 hours card reward or change the card with different style is like every 6 hours card with different rewards
The rewards should be more cash and DNA and few SDNA and Rare or Super Rare Dinos and remove gold from the card meat is still useful

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It’s literally a free pack, it’s charity. The pack also gets better as you level up also. I think the pack is fine


I know but if they add few things it would be great


No because if you add stuff you would have to remove stuff or upset a balance which I think Ludia has achieved decently in the FREE pack. The dna such and Sdna and stuff is really easy to get also. Literally play the game and complete challenges and you will get it.


On rare occasions I have received legendary dinos in the free pack.


It is so rare to get legendary dino from the pack i only got twice

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I got another one today, not sure if the % goes up for VIP players but I can remember probably 3-4 in the last month, todays was a Unaysaurus, previously a T-Rex, and before that a Therizinosaurus.


Are you a vip ? And @Sionsith I also get about that a month, a few days ago I got theriznosaurus


Nope i am not


and that’s why you have lower rewards. I just find it odd to complain or ask for better rewards when people just play for free.


Its just suggestion dont worry about it