Improved Augmented Reality Features



Firstly I’d like to comment on how much work Ludia has obviously put into JWA. The creature modelling and rendering as well as the interface is excellent and on par with its main competitor.

As a 5s user unfortunately my device does not support the current AR features. Whilst it’s obvious what the advantages are to using the more advanced ‘AR kit’, I feel the develop should consider a lite version implemented as an option for the large number of us who do not have compatible devices. A level of feedback similar to the widely workable Pokémon go tech would suffice. Though this is not a core issue to the game I feel.

The core issue is, when you compare to said competitor, the lack of immersion in the context of encountering creatures in your own environment. A simple solution would be that when within close proximity to a creature, when selecting it, you have a AR option, and it I then placed in front of you in the appropriate spot. I understand there would be some technical hurdles initially, however it would make an enormous difference to the experience. It would almost feel similar to the trailer where the raptor appears street, then the woman holds her phone up to view it.

It is still a relatively new game already there have been several updates, which shows how much the developer is invested in its players and the game itself. I think this would be a great addition at some point. But well done Ludia so far.


that is not the game problem i think apple only implements these ones I have a itouch and i wish the AR kit implements it since i have a itouch 7


Don’t get me wrong I love the current build of the game and even more the game’s potential. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there with the hope they land. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ludia has already considered them and has them in the bank, but want to do it right first time when they do release the update.