Improved Book of Dragon search suggestion


I found really frustrating not being able to found an unique dragon when searching his species.
For instance, I searched “rumblehorn”, and Skullcrusher wasn’t (quite obviously, actually) not there.
My suggestion is to make the search more specific, for instance only after name, after species or both
the possibility of have shown battle statistic instead of “harvest” statistic when pressing the statistic button would be handy too
It could be nice as well having the opportunity of searching by dragon class, by battle tipe (sniper, brawler,…) and by dragon type (common, uncommon, rare, exclusive,…) even if not really usefull
Searching by flock name could be a thing as well

I hope you would have my suggestion in consideration

best regards

p.s.: sorry for my terrible english


remembered just now…
searching after a specific stat, for example battle power of a dragon, would be usefull for who wants to find some “competitive” dragons in “defend berk” mode


Please can we have a way to view all owned dragons by level?