Improvement of Sarcorixis

hello, it would be nice if the Sarcorixis had a cleanse self , distraction or evasive stance. that would make this little beast who deserves it more sympathetic.

Does Sarcorixis deserve a BUFF? No,thanks!

Rixis is fine as he is. If he had to change, he deserved a Nerf.


It think it’s fine it’s now no changes needed


I’m honestly surprised Ludia didn’t nerf it. They liked nerfing the other Epic hybrids for no reason, so why not shoot Sarcorixis down?


Ok Why not !

Sarco is fine. Why would he need to evade anyway? His ferocious impact and armor make it a powerful hybrid.

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Caus she has ferocious impact two stuns no escape armor piercing is very fast

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This thing is already a monster. Lol