Improvement Suggestions (Update)

  1. Lure for Supply drops.
  2. Different Scents (to attract Dinos) for your radius. (Ex. Common dino Gray scent, Rare dino Blue scent, Epic dino Gold scent.)
  3. Sell unused DNA for coins
  4. “Forfeit” or “Surrender” action during battle.
  5. New item: Dino Eggs!!: Find them around your city. Timed Hatch gives: Coins, Cash, DNA, ext.
  6. Missions: Complete Daily/Event Missions for items.
  7. Option to Categorize Dinos (Level, HP, Damage, and Rarity)

That’s it for now. I’ll think of more soon


Run away? Maybe surrender… You don’t waste time with the match but you lose anyway, otherwise it would be unfair to players who are going to win


True. I’ll change it. ty


Thing is people will say “oh thats too much like pokemon go”… which yes, true… but i agree with those improvements haha the lures would be nice. But not overpriced like everything in this game is…


What should the trophy situation be for a surrender? You could have everyone walk away with nothing, the same win/loss as if the game had finished, or only the one surrending loses points the winner’s trophies do not change. I prefer the last one it might encourage people to keep going. There have been some last minute wins and loses in these battles you never know sometimes.


True. The “Surrender” action would be used as a Rage Quit. Lol. For players that face up against higher level opponent and know their going to lose. So far, the game has no action. We as players have to wait until the match is over, to move on to the next. When you know you already lost… ha.
And, if you do Surrender, you lose trophies


Surrender should be the same as losing, you lose trophies and the opponent wins them. But at least neither of you lose time if you see victory is impossible. When a level 8-10 team faces a level 17 team (it’s happened to me), sometimes you try and if the opponent is really bad, you can still win, but after you see it’s completely hopeless… just what’s the point, you know? If you want to keep fighting till the end with hopes that you will get crazy crits and miraculously win, go ahead, but the option to surrender would be useful.