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Improvements list compilation

Daily login Reward
monthly login Reward
confirmation button for evolving to avoid accidental leveling.
Possibility to create several teams.
One for ranked match, another for special strike events, another for testing, etc …
Possibility to search, sort and filter the collection of dinosaurs by: quality, attributes, type of dino (hadrosaurs, stegosaurs, raptors, etc.)
Tool to hybridize faster … x10, x100, x1000
Customization of dinosaurs with different colors (skins) in exchange for coins, tickets, events or achievements.
Visual badge of the different areas on the map
Name stops
Miles count
Avatar for our account, customizable. Unlock clothing when you reach different sands.
Data of battles … games played, games won, dinosaur more used … etc
Casual games without online rank
Using Only common, only rare … creatures, All at the same lvl…


Suggested add: confirmation button for evolving to avoid accidental leveling.


This is already an idea and I personally dont like it.
The game is about dinosaurs, not customization.

This is already a thing and doesn’t need an improvement.

Jurassic world evolution is about dinosaurs too and they have differents colours patterns

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Done, thanks for your reply

We always have to consider the size of the app if they did that many changes… Some of those ideas are nice, but others are totally unnecessary and it’s not good to occupy space for more superfluous things.

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i like most of the ideas you have, and i think that there should be an option for name your dinos

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Then there would be a dracoceratops with a name “(insert random insulting word here)”

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But this isnt jurassic world evolution. Ludia didnt make it either.

Obviously there has to be limits in the option of naming your dine, banning not allowed words

But why does it need to be in the game?

It would add variety to the arenas instead of seeing the same colors, dinos, and animations over and over, as well as giving players motivation for completing certain challenges

I like to see adjustments to abillities that bring the luck/bad luck to the battles. Very frustrating when your opponent gets the dodge, stun etc and you don’t.

I rather win or lose by better tactics/better team etc than winning by luck or losing cause of bad luck.
Make dodge 100% for 1 turn, make stun 100% (acute stun) for 1 turn etc…

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Absolute yes to number 3 on the list. Doubt they’d change it though as it makes people spend more on coins.

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I just dont see it needed in the game.
It would just be a thing ludia adds to keep us quiet from all of the other bugs.