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Improvements To Cloak

Cloak shouldn’t be effected by Resilient moves apart from the ones which do precise damage, there’s already enough counters to Cloak in the game as it is. Cloak belongs to 3 creatures only, Indominus Rex, Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Erlidominus. It should also have a chance of 100% to avoid 66% of damage. This change will also see older creatures of the meta see use once again, and current new creatures will also have more versatility due to this change I am proposing.

Indominus is a movie Hybrid and deserves the respect, because everyone would like to have her on the team without it being a defecit.


Well, sometimes it does suck when Resilient moves remove Revenge Cloak…

I just don’t cloak against resilient creatures with resilient strike. Superiority is ok. I would usually swap out when against a resilient creature with resilient strike

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Isn’t the cloak effect the exact same as doge

Nope. Cloak gives you 2x damage on next attack. Dodge doesn’t

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Dodge is more of a cunning move whilst cloak belongs to 2 fierce creatures and 1 ok Cunning.

i think its ok for resilient to remove the dodge part of cloak, but it shouldn’t remove the damage buff. if cloak is changed into 2 parts, where resilient moves would just remove the dodging part, it would help indoms against resilients and buff erlidom as well

I think dodge needs a rework all dodge moves should be 100% to dodge 66%dmg since so many moves can remove it/ bypass it.
For example erlidom shouldn’t loose to thor via a dice roll.
There are ways to counter cloak dmg. One example is swop in invincibility/nullify

Any definite or nullifying moves, precise moves can bypass it. But resilient strike impact and rampage shouldn’t remove cloak. You want to one shot an Ardentis by cloaking? Tough luck, resilient strike happens.

See I think maxima should beat erlidom since it is mainly resilient. Cunnings shouldn’t 1 shot resilient, however maxima does have a counter with invincibility.

I don’t know why Indoraptor has slightly better treatment with the armour piecing rampage and the cleansing impact, when it should still be more cunning.

Really indo should have DSR to make it fierce.
But erlidom shouldn’t have the APR rampage it would make it too strong againt resilients because not all resilients have shields.
Honestly erlidom would be meta if it still had its impact and run.

It still has the same effect of reducing damage taken

The actual cloak doesn’t double damage cloak just reduces damage taken

All cloaks do double damage (or triple if it is revenge cloak) on next turn
This is normal cloak
You must be thinking of evasive stance