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Improvements to my team

I was wondering what I should replace on my team and with what. I was debating on replacing Draco with another chomper, because that’s what I usually need, but I don’t have any other strong ones yet.Screenshot_20190815-103121_JW%20Alive

I would get rid of Smilo and replace it with Allosino .

I don’t know, I really like Smilo, he helps out with his two Rampage moves. I also might have to consider replacing Suchotator, even though he’s been on my team forever.

What’s your trophy count?

4000-4160 that’s the range I usually stay around.

That’s really good with that team, so I can’t really offer much more advice.
Keep up the good work!

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Huh, I thought I was doing mediocre. But to be frank, I win a few and lose a few and stay around that range so I guess it works.