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Hi all, I’m new to this game but have been playing D & D since I bought TSRs ‘Expert D & D’ boxed set in about 1980. I have some advice about this game;

  1. Healing. It’s derisory. All characters in D & D have access to potions and to heal by resting-many a campaign I have been in has relied on these 2 features in order for my characters to survive.
  2. XP. It’s pitiful. In D & D/AD & D, characters did struggle to level up, but nowhere near as much as here. And in D & D et al, at least you got 1 XP per gold that you found. You need to increase XP rewards.
  3. Limiting equipment use by level/rating. This is rubbish! Even though treasure/items found during campaigns were generally rated by power according to characters level in D & D, there was always a chance that you could find extraordinarily powerful equipment/treasure at low levels, WHICH YOUR CHARACTERS COULD USE.

Thank you, and good luck developing this game, you’ll need it with all the competition out there!

Oh and one final gripe, re. PVP.
Why is it, that once some of your characters die, the remaining characters suddenly gain extra attacks? This is a serious flaw that needs addressing. The number of times I have killed 3 of the opponents, to find that the last opponent gets 4 x as many attacks as my characters, is absolutely ludicrous.

Thank you for the feedback, Empty47.

As for PvP… I understand your frustration. On the other hand, it’s a strategy/balance issue. If everyone gets exactly in turn per round, then first player to kill one toon has a huge advantage.

This way… it forces you to take that little tidbit into your planning. As each character dies, the others effectively get stronger. Killing the weakest character first (a mainstay of most games) is actually one of the worst moves you can make when you’re equally leveled.

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