Improving ability with training

When training a dragon his/her ability should be improve guaranteed, isn’t it?
Then how to explain this…?

I’m really confused…

Are you sure this isn’t just a visual bug?

I’ve had this with several of my dragons. What happens in this bug is that the level does go up, but you get the wrong text: “Special Ability did not improve”.

But if you are unsure about it being just the visuals begin wrong, i guess you should contact support and they’ll check it for you.

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I had that bug happen to me. It says “Special Ability did not improve” but it DID go up.

This game is ridiculously buggy.

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The Special Ability is your level. Your level was 6 and stays 6. You have a percentage change to level up your level when you sacrifice dragons. Leveling up with same color adds 4% change, with another color 2%. With sacrificing 10 dragons of the same color you have 40% change to level op your Special Ability.