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Improving my team


So my team needs improving, I’m in the third arena.

Does anyone know any dinosaurs that I should hunt for that aren’t hybrids? Or should I just focus on leveling up my team and collecting coin?


That’s actually not bad. Though word of caution: Dimetrodon is gonna start losing his place. The higher arenas aren’t nice to him.


Postimetrodon is a solid upgrade for the Dimetrodon that’ll last you a little longer until it gets outclassed too, and the Baryonyx is a 2-turn tank destroyer that easily replaces Suchotator


Well, if you can FIND Postos in your area to make this hybrid… Postimetrodon does sometimes appear in the wild, however.


Find any utahraptors or kaprosuchus? I’d probably replace the dilophosaurus.


I found 2 postmetridons in the wild and then I used three tries in the event to create it then have enough to level it up. I have only found one wild posto which was too far for me to get DNA from.


I do find them both occasionally but not enough for them to be very high levels.


Thank you all for your advice, and this is what my team looks like now.


My Posto is level 8… All my Postimetrodon DNA is wild-caught and event-given.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual Posto in the wild… All my DNA came from an epic incubator.


Looking good! And definitely prioritize Einiasuchus. You will not be sorry.


My advice is switch Postimetrodon for Ankylosaurus. Postimetrodon is certainly better than Dimetrodon but still not good enough IMO. Too weak, falls very easily. Ankylo is a very nice tank instead, can counter raptors and is the only viable counter for an Indominus.

If you don’t want ankylosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus are both good until level 10 (after that you should really focus on their hybrid, Stegoceratops!)

Good luck!


Looks not bad, go out at night and get some velociraptor dna.