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Improving Smilodon to improve Smilonemys

Currently Smilonemys isn’t too great for an all epic hybrid as we know and most of us want this changed. So to make it better we have to start with Smilodon, a creature that doesn’t have any defense shattering abilities, but you know what? A creature in the same family as Smilodon within this game has Defense Shattering abilities, in fact I am talking about rend! The Marsupial lion! What if we changed Smilodon’s Precise Pounce into Rending Takedown? This ability would be passed down to replace Smilocephalosaurus’ Precise Pounce. Then it would be passed down to Smilonemys to replace Precise Pounce, not only would it make Smilonemys useful, but it would also become a counter to Tryko and Ardentis! It’s kind of resistant to speed decrease and if you went for deliberate prowl you would be taking out 75% of the Tryko’s or Ardentis’ health. This thing could become a great counter to them. So what do you think?

  • Change Precise Pounce to Rending Takedown for the Cats
  • Find another way to buff Smilonemys
  • Just leave it alone

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Marsupial lion is not on the same “family” as smilo. In fact they are very far apart. ML is not a cat, it’s a marsupial(duh) with a very strong crushing bite. That’s why they have very different abilities, at least that’s my guess. I think they are fine with the type of abilities they have, Nemys just needs more damage and perhaps change deliberate prowl to Dig in. And maybe even get superior vulnerability for it’s basic move. I’ve seen those suggestions here and i think those are the better options.
And If you think about It, replacing precise pounce for rending takedown is actually a hard nerf as it’s taking away it’s first turn big hit, not a good change at all.


As an Australian I am aware of that(duh), but in Jurassic World Alive they would be classified as the same family because they both have the same animation. That’s just a Ludia move, like I’m sure Meiolania and Carbonemys aren’t 100% related, but they’re still in the same family.


They are both turtles, much closer than ML to Smilo


Though you have a point. Brontotherium isn’t a rhino but has the same moveset as Elasmotherium.


I’m just saying if it has the animation then in this game they can be counted as “family” plus I know they are both turtles, just not the same kind of turtles, like one is a stem-turtle.

There is another similar thread.

I dunno. Marsupial lion more classes as a ‘fierce’ creature and Smilo is more ‘cunning.’ And we all know that Ludia refuses to break those barriers.

smilodon in the game has raptor skills and characteristics, fast, decent damage and very low life

RAKING POUNCE [x2 attack, eliminate cloak and evasive abilities. pierces through armor. distract during a turn]

if it were like the reality would be something like that

Health: 3750
Attack: 1350
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Critic: 20%

Minor rending attack
Prowl[75% to dodge, critic in 100%]
Raking pounce


100% to distraction
75% to decrease speed
67% to stun

in that way it would be more similar to what it was, a beast destroyer, since it hunted mammoths. Having those skills, smiloceph would improve a lot:

Health: 4050
Attack: 1300
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Critic: 20%

Decelerating shield strike
Raking pounce
Rampage and run

Swap in stun(75%)


100% to stun
50% to distraction
75% to decrease speed

and finally you get to Nemys, that would be like this:

Health: 3900
Attack: 1200
Armor: 50%
Critic: 20%

Decelerating shield strike
Raking pounce
Rampage and run

Swap in acute stun(100%)

100% to stun
75% to distraction
100% to decrease speed
40% swap prevention
40% to vulnerable

to improve Nemys you have to improve Smilo if or if, hopefully ludia listens to this, since it costs too much to get Nemys :relieved:

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That isn’t true. Alloraptor is Fierce and Cunning, as stated in the release notes.

@Qaw yes but that’s a hybrid, that happens

I think Smilonemys and Testacornibus have the same problem, it’s that their role is redundant. Their job is to counter creatures that have trouble getting through armour and shields, like Erlikospyx, Utarinex and Erlidominus.

The problem is that those creatures aren’t very relevant at the moment. Even if they were, creatures like Diorajasaur, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan and Trykosaurus would probably do a better job of dealing with the creatures they’re supposed to counter.

So to make Smilonemys and Testacornibus relevant, we need to have them counter a bunch of creatures that can’t deal with shields and armour, yet can do well against the Unique tanks. I suggest making these two Immune to DoT, and have them counter the Unique bleeders.

And as for making the Unique bleeders better, it’s pretty easy. Just give them Vulnerability, and extend the damage buff from Vulnerability to DoT.