In a bit of a boost pickle! Need advice!

Ok so as of the speed boost sale this weekend I will have 64 speed boosts, which I had originally intended to get Thor to 135 speed. However I just unlocked Quetzorion literally 30mins ago, so now have to choose what to boost.

Now the general rule of thumb is: Keep your fast dinosaurs fast. IE: Speed boost them!

But this is a 135 speed Thor we are talking about, which in my bracket (4250) reigns supreme! As many Thors I run into are 127 speed - like my own - but the 135 speed ones (and the dreaded 143 speed ones) decimate teams!

So what should I do?

Option 1:
Health = 5700+
Damage = 2400+
Speed = 127 (currently)

Option 2:
Health = 3100+ (a boost or two on it)
Damage = 1400+
Speed = 130 (Base Speed)

So what would you all do? Invest them all to speed boost Thor, which has been proven to be effective at this speed tier?
Or get TanyBeaks speed up to “Keep my fast dinosaurs fast”. However TanyBeak isn’t very boosted and could be Rat bait like Erlikospyx has been lately!

135 will do for now I suppose, I would focus on keeping really fast creatures really fast (rank 7 Magna and Rinex in my case). But the whole situation will become unmanageable soon anyway since you can no longer afford to keep up with people who spend money on all boost sales.
I have my Thor at 120 I believe, maybe 127. It’s not supposed to be quick, but it’s nice that it most often beats tanks and rats.
It doesn’t ALWAYS need to be the best Thor, as long as it is most of the time. It doesn’t happen that often that 2 Thors are facing each other.

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Well im finding that most Thors I face at my level are 127, but when I run into the 135 they cause serious trouble for me, as their damage is normally also so high that even my 140 speed dinosaurs are killed almost instantly lol.

With 64+ speed boosts I could probably get TanyBeak fairly fast, faster than my 140s I think (Erlidom, Spyx and Spitter), however then it will take a good chunk of time to save up enough boosts to get that 135 speed Thor.

And yes I agree that I won’t be able to catch the big spenders, but they normally pass by on their way up the ladder pretty quick, so generally don’t stick around unless they are bad or unlucky with strings of losses.

So im torn, so I get my new unique faster…or make Thor a monster in my bracket.

It depends on if you are planning to run quetzorion on your endgame team. But probably, even if i don’t like it, Thor is the better solution

Thor for sure.

TanyBeak (as ive nicknamed it lol) is 100% going to be a full time member, I love the looks of it (those who know me and my fondness for birds and chickens ala Meme’s lol) so have wanted something with swap in dodge ever since I seen it on Invincibility Emu Monomimus - though with the recent change to dodge it is less appealing, but ill take it to soak a massive hit!

Then you have to decide which direction to follow,: if boost first your best dino hands down, or to build up a balanced team first. If quetziorion is going to be in your end game team so boost it. It depends on what you struggle the most for. Consider also matchmaking, maybe with a 135 Thor you’ll start to encounter other 135 Thor too.
In the end you have to choose what to do first

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Yeah I love adding new creatures to the team, unfortunately that’s not a common occurrence.
I love the TanyBeak also, but won’t be able to make it for a while (need thousands of quetzal!), let alone getting it to a decent level.

There’s one more thing you can do: Gamble that Thor (and rat hopefully) get nerfed, so don’t focus TOO much on it :slight_smile: That’s what I’m doing. I never put my virtual money on Erlidominus, glad I didn’t. Same with rat. I’m focusing on dinos that I know are gonna last.

(so far hasn’t paid off, dropped 500 trophies this week, but that’s tooootally besides the point, ahem :wink: )

You have a very good point about the possibility of a Thor nerf (I would settle for either 20% instead of 40%, or change its Instant Charge to Instant Strike as its the Stun > DSR one/two punch that kills).

Rat as we seen was semi nerfed with its swap in being now counterable with armour and shields, which has already helped me, so Ludia aren’t above making changes to popular dinosaurs.
While I reluctantly am using Rat, mine is only level 21 as im petrified of levelling it any higher and having ludic turn around and give it a unique or something (I try not to break my rule of not taking non-super hybrid legendary above 20).

That being said my lack of Rat levels and boosts does cost me matches sometimes as its damage isn’t all that high and its fairly slow, not to mention prone to being one shotted, so I need to weight up if an early ratting (I generally save it for the match winning blow) to take out something that will decimate my team otherwise, such as a Utahsino or Rinex…or keep it in the back for the game winner (I don’t like using it early In the match coz I hate when others do it to me, so try to avoid it).

I would 100% love an excuse to bench the rat once and for all, but I know 100% that it will cost me matches, because while I do hate it and wish it never existed, I know its use is effective…but would love an all unique team.
And even if I bench rat so I don’t subject others to it (as I hate it myself, hypocrisy I know - though to be fair its the constantly swapping in and out the whole match that I hate to be fair) I know that I am putting myself in a weaker position and gimping myself by benching it.

I would really love to have a 12 dinosaur team, we have far too many good dinosaurs these days to be limited to just 8.
Eight team slots was fine when the game was first made because there weren’t as many dinosaurs back then, but now, we need more room.

Also don’t like Rat taking up a spot on my team…I need the room for dinosaurs I like!

Then don’t use rat!
I just lost 500 trophies, and I really don’t care actually, it’s just frustrating that it takes a while to get incubators. I’m giving up on a spot on the top, as I realize it’s reserved for people who either enjoy using rats (which I cannot understand) or people who pay (which I cannot understand either tbh).
I just want fun matches back. Balancing a team is pretty impossible in the current state of the game, so why bother. I agree that in your situation when you still have a shot at staying where you are, trophy wise, you should spend boosts smart. For you, boost Thor, for me, screw Thor.
I’m focusing all my effort into just collecting all dinos that there are. Not even to use them, just to look at them.

Hate to admit it, but somehow having a 135 thor rolled into the team gives me a bit more confident in winning, unless you bump into a 143 thor, which just happened to me earlier lol.

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My first and only ever flawless LOSS happened a couple weeks ago at the hands of a 143 speed Thor with 2600+ damage.

I will give it some more thought as its a few days away yet before making up my mind.

Currently what I have been doing has been spreading my boosts fairly evenly among my whole team and slowly progressing up the ladder, though I don’t care too much about rating, im not a min-maxer.

However it would seem that a 135 speed Thor would be a real game changer in terms of my teams ability to win matches in my bracket, when compared to simply making TanyBeak faster…though still prone to ratting.
Cant one shot my nearly 6k health Thor the way they rat my speedsters, so perhaps I might end up going with Thor first for the assumed improvement, and then slowly build up TanyBeaks speed.

And yeah I might bench rat as I need a spot for TanyBeak anyway, and the only other thing I could consider replacing was Indoraptor, its its high level at 27 (ready for 28 but not doing it yet coz ill get super tough opponents) but I do love Indo and it was my first ever unique!

Btw if anyone wants to see my old video of me unlocking Indoraptor the video can be seen here: