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In anticipation for 1.9, I made a bingo board

I hope I get one.



I would like the bottom right hand corner please. :grinning: I need a lot of Pterosaur DNA for my hybrids.


i dont think there is a 1.9.

Hopefully Thor gets a nerf and not a buff


I just looked back through some of the old posts in the “Announcements” sub-forum. 1.8 release notes were posted June 21. 1.7’s were posted April 17.

It’s now August 25. NOTHING has been posted about 1.9. I wonder what that means for the future of the game?


I’m so thrilled to see that Vexus buff is one of them. Even this ain’t ludia’s list lol

You left an important thingy…

Game not crashing when answering a phone call

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Maybe the Free should be replaced with Armor and Critical boosts as the central big thingy.


it have monomimus ancester??
Then it will be nerf

“Dino that nobody used gets a huge buff” Kaprosuchus gets its attack back. I smirk.

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Devs are on vacation?

Teaser for a new feature add on FB so 1.9 is on the way

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copy to here plz? :eyes:

In the “we screwed up alliance mission rewards and you’re getting the same for 3 weeks in a row” thread. They said they’ve taken measures so it wouldn’t happen again and don’t worry cool things are on the way and we will not compensate you for our mistake. So if it’s not 1.9 it’s something @Pateradactyl

On topic, funny board lol



Happy cake day! :grinning::birthday:

I think I got a bingo!



Did Indoraptor get a move change? It gained some immunity.

But there is hope for your bingo…
I believe a Bad Gateway legendary hybrid was introduced.
PHORUSAURA looks bad. But who knows.
Does a reworking of monomimus count?

I think you missed
New Arena exclusive Dino with Nasuceratops. (It was hinted it would be an arena exclusive)
A nonhybrid with rend with allosaurus gen 2. (might also be an arena exclusive)
and a
A rending based hybrid. thylocator

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Pretty good guesses. We may get a couple bingos

1.5k base damage, 3k-3.15k hp, 2 rampages, one of them being instant rampage, and 129-130 speed. Yeah, seems pretty bad to me. (That was sarcasm in case you didn’t know :wink:)