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In battle what if you could display a level 40 creature in its 30,20, or 10 stage

I think that a really cool idea would be if you could choose to use one of the lower models in battle, similar to how you can look at lower evolution stages while in a creatures paddock. Personally half of the level 40 designs in the game are just too much to me and I prefer the level 30 designs more. I would assume that there’s others that prefer the less spiky and more simplified designs aswell. I have no clue how hard this would be to implement into the game in the future, but hey no harm in throwing the idea out


It sounds like a good idea. I myself prefer the level 40 designs, but I can see how others would want theirs less dramatic and egdy. I wouldn’t mind this in the game.

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I love the huge jump in flashiness from L30 to L40, making me want to get the sweet-looking L40 ASAP without wrecking my PvE lineup :grinning:

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however, level 40 hybrids look amazing. for example allonogiminus looks just like it’s original, but with better color

As i said as well, a way in the game that we can change the colors of the animals will be amazing too, the game really needs that, in my opinion