In brawl... Is it just me?

In brawl, when the Gronckle attacks, or when I attack the Gronckle, the dragon that is attacking temporarily disappears. Is anyone else seeing that?

Nope it is just you

I have had that happen a few times. I also have the dragons freeze in front of the other dragons and they seem to get killed of faster too.

I’ve had dragons freeze in front of other dragons too. I’ll have to pay attention to see if they get killed faster.

Same here.

I don’t know about killed faster, but “frozen in attack position”? Yup, here also.

Another annoyance I see sometimes is when Dagur’s Skrill’s attack that’s supposed to ‘steal’ action points, doesn’t.

I’ve been seeing that a lot lately too. In fact, that and other bugs and “features” (such the inevitable no win situation they put you in) has caused me to just remove the app from memory and restart it whenever I encounter that nonsense. That is often a faster way back to the game than surrendering, and has become my way of protesting the time wasting annoyances that are inherent in how they implemented brawls.

Oh, yeah, I used to do that. Unfortunately, at the moment, the game’s on-again, off-again habit of hanging in the load screen for 10-30 minutes has been happening consistently since the last update.

Oh wow. I haven’t experienced that issue. I’m on iOS, which I mention because I know someone on Android that has experienced that once or twice. I don’t know if that helps you, but hopefully it helps the developers isolate and solve the problem.