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In case you don’t live in L4

This week is your chance at being sick of seeing suchomimus! :rofl:


How exciting.


I already have more than I’ll ever need but I’ve darted a dozen or so on the walk home from work tonight.

Edit: Is it me or are the creatures we wanted a long time ago but not so much now, becoming the creatures we are getting?


Seems like it

Suchomimus, Irritator Gen 2, and Marsupial Lion for the next three weeks?!?! I guess with it being a busy time of year, I don’t have to waste extra gas or time on this game. Hey, it might be better than an absolute letdown and disappointment like last week, with Blue supposedly being out. Yea 500 miles traveled, I caught only ONE. Can’t believe I even wasted my time


I didn’t even find any Blue, but I wasn’t after it anyway. I used my swift scents and leveled Spyx to 23 instead.


You may not have liked it, but there are people who did! There is no way Ludia can please everyone…


I had 3 sucho’s in range of my home, then I went to work and BOOM, 3 more sucho’s.

I burned up all my sucho dna last month. I’ll dart them when there are no other options just to start to refill it.

I’m confused. What happened to I-Rex G2? I thought she was supposed to be out this week after the Blue hybrid pursuit? :thinking:

I don’t think a hybrid was ever featured after its ingredients were available. We had a week of echo, a week of rex g2, then a week of blue. That covered all the ingredients for the super hybrid. Offering echo, Rex g2, and indom g2 would be kinda redundant.

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I saw so many Suchomimus when I first opened the game today that I thought they did a zone switch! I live in L1.


Let’s make a contest who from L4 can put the most Suchomimi in 1 screenshot.


Ahhh!! Thanks. That makes sense.

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It will be an ugly night…

That was my first thought as well. I got a little excited for a moment.


Thyla is pretty good. Nows my chance to stock up on suchomimus dna.

I dont live in a local 4 so this is a relatively nice event.

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Same just multi fused sucho until I had non left

Since this week we actually got Allosaurus as well. I’m actually excited as it took me ages to grind the thing before. Not that I need it now but still. They actually added it to the pathetic spawn deck and it’s a welcome addition between the herds of Suchomimus, Irritator, Parasaurolophus, Nundasuchus, Apatosaurus & Iguanodon

You sure? Isn’t it just at restaurants and L3?

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