In-Game Cash Use needs to require confirmation


My suggestion is exceedingly simple. Any option in the game that uses the in-game Cash should create a pop-up confirmation asking if you’re sure you want to continue.

Both me and my fiancé have had issues with this where we’re trying to exit out of a Strike Event we just don’t have the dinosaurs to beat and accidentally hit the “Try Again for Cash” option, and suddenly we’re now short that hard-saved Cash with another try at a Strike Event we already admitted defeat to.

It’s an exceptionally unfriendly U.I. option in it’s current iteration if any options don’t ask for a confirmation, since accidental button presses are entirely possible. Losing premium currency because of such things is abhorrent, as such a thing is easy to put a basic safeguard in place for.

Confirm purchases on incubators

I was out hunting in the rain once. Wiped my screen on my sleeve, looked back at the game, and had apparently purchased a rare incubator (featuring nodosaurus) just from contact with my sleeve! I was gutted, since I was saving up for either the long neck incubator or the coins option and suddenly had a lot less cash to play with.

TL;DR - Yes, a confirmation button would be fantastic.


This happened to me yesterday. I accidentally hit it after losing 2 battles in a row and spent 500 cash! I was in the car driving by one (as a passenger) at that time too, so I can’t even go try again unless I drive somewhere as there is not one near me. Still have to battle it twice and no way will I make it so it’s pointless anyway. So frustrating!


Don’t get me started my nephew accidentally pressed buy legendary incubator yesterday wasting 5000 cash I emailed ludia saying for them to take it back, he has aspergers and didn’t realise what he had done…

The reply was basically tough… Even tho I know they can do this.


I’ve never realised such customer support could be so rude basically saying he should of realised… Totally disregarded his condition and what a honest mistake he made.


You can kinda see there point I can imagine a lot of people would be making up stuff to get cash back


Not really especially when they can have the items back.

They need to implement the button because the amount of people it’s happening to is really bad.


But why should a company be forced to refund cash because you have given you’re phone which has the option to buy things through you’re bank I assume as well as spending “dino” cash on things to a child with aspurgers sorry to say it but you have to take responsibility for you’re actions . It’s like those people who have there bank account connected to there kids playstation/x box who’s kids blow everything on skins for games and then complain to the company that it’s not there fault . Personal responsibility


The fact is there should be a cancellation button…
And yes ludia is wrong for not implementing it, its happening too to many people on this game.

Not just me and if there was a button it wouldn’t of happened as I said he thought it was a free incubator…I didn’t give him the phone by the way lol :joy: so don’t assume thanks


Their should be confirm cancel buttons on hard cash purchases…It is the customer friendly thing to do.

However I can also understand why they dont wanna give refunds after the purchase. If they did anyone who received monolemetrodon in their legendary incubator would want a refund. Their is no way for them as a company to be able to sort through people who have real issues and people who just didnt like what they got.


Confirmation would be good or a global setting to probit real world cash and/or dino cash purchases which would need to be unlocked. Same needed on evolving dinos - done that accidently too.


The way the in-app purchases interface has been designed is ‘deliberate.’

No confirmation button will ‘conveniently’ allow many to spend hard cash and there is always some people who will cave in to their own mistake and buy hard cash to make up for the lost. :neutral_face:


I say ditto for the giant level-up button right smack in the middle of the screen. Or at least make it smaller and/or off to the side.


I had no problem what I got but the fact is I didn’t want it… They can take it back they have as good as admitted that but they are dragging their feet.


buys legendary incubator.
gets gigaspikasaur
makes up excuse to get cash back.
repeat until you get what you want :thinking:

you have to tap the incubator. then you have to tap the cash to actually buy it. there is a fail safe.


The fact is if you read correctly…

Is wasn’t me and besides too many people are accidentally doing this…so don’t assume things you know nothing about :grin: as I said i didn’t mind what I got the cash was for other stuff and there still should be a cancellation button.


it’s not ludia’s fault someone else was on your phone, in your game and made a purchase with your cash.

your nephew didn’t “accidentally” tap the incubator and then “accidentally” tap the cash to buy it.


My nephew has aspergers and is disabled he assumed that it was the free one.

He made a honest mistake now it’s between me and ludia who are dealing with it.

So thanks for ya input and enjoy that lovely sun you have where you are :blush:


The format the incubators use for confirming purchase is still bad. The cash buy option is directly in line with the path to exit out of the transaction, making it possible to confirm a purchase without wanting to far more easily than equally sized yes or no options on opposite sides of the screen.

Most, if not all of the cash options located elsewhere in the game simply require accidentally brushing the button on your way to exit away from the menu, with the button in question being very near the option to navigate away.

I’m personally not surprised, since this game was designed from the ground up to bypass the challenge of the advertised gameplay by tactical applications of wallet to mobile device.

However, it doesn’t stop us players from wanting this feature. In fact it makes the argument of fraud purchases so much harder, as triggering 2-3 different confirmation prompts is far less statistically likely than the current tap and drain it is right now.


Please give the option to confirm purchase on the incubators. Twice now I have accidentally hit the purchase button on a random incubator. The first one cost me over 1000 cash and the one today was over 700. I realize it was my mistake by hitting it but almost every other game I play asks you if you want to confirm your purchase before charging you. Since you don’t give people that option you should at least refund them for it. I wouldn’t care that much if I got anything good out of them. But I get about 8000 coins and some random DNA that I don’t need. I think from now on I will only keep 200 cash or less so that there just won’t be enough there to use. I normally would spend $20 to $30 on a bundle of game cash. So until that is fixed I’m not spending anymore money on the game