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In-game design


While there are problems in the game, I would stop focusing on problems for a minute and say that I really like the new design for supply drops & towers.

Not only they corrected the Dino in tower bug but the look with each event is really cool and it’s nice to see changes.

You did a nice job here :+1:


Now if they could just give me back the endless coin from supply drop bug, that would be great!


Agreed, I’ll forever miss the adorable heart shaped supply drop that we got for Valentine’s day :heart:


True. As a graphic designer myself I can honestly say the graphics are so on point and creative. All the themed visuals for each event are so lit! Pokemon GO could never.


Except that they felt like making every supply drop green for this event making it difficult to see actual event supply drops.


I like the St Patty’s supply drops but I agree that maybe making the special event drops a different color would have been nice.