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In game dollars


I’ve been playing this for nearly 2 weeks now, I’ve never received any dollars from the stops since day1, I get coins and darts but never dollars, I’ve even joined the vip but the outcome is the same, I’m thinking about deleting as it seems the app just wants me to spend to get the better dinosaurs.


I got it once also vip. Play 3 weeks… its 1 at 200 + stops with vip. Its insane. The game is made to make them rich by you spending. Them not giving.


If you are casual player you dont need VIP . Im am hc player and for me VIP is great . I spin daily 400-500+ drops and I get ingame bucks every day . But you cant expect that you will get bucks if you daily spin 50-10 different stops
I really dont know what you people expect when you got VIP but dont play HC