In Game Emojis

The in-game communication is not something that was asked for and I think it can be pretty abusive honestly. When I first mentioned that I thought the yawn emoji should be replaced everyone pretty much told me I need to grow up and that abuse, taunting and talking trash was just part of playing multiplayer games. Admittedly I have sent over the yawn emoji when someone struts out their 141 speed Thor end then finishes me off with their overboosted Rat.

So anyway, if we were stuck with this (and yes, I have just turned the feature off at times, like the stupid blood) it might at least be nice to have an emoji that says ‘sorry’ or a question emoji when somebody does something weird. In fact, I would actually advocate for replacing the yawn one with a question one. Could be taken as What the Heck? Works even when you’re bored.

Where this comes into play is the last battle I had tonight was against someone with a much lower team. We both started the match by wishing each other good luck, but when our team came out it was quickly clear that he/she was overmatched by my team.

He/she sent over the crying emoji. All I could send back was ‘oops.’ At the end we thanked each other, but I realized how limited I am in what I can actually say unless I want to taunt them (not my thing).

If we’re stuck with these stupid things perhaps a little more thought could go into what we are actually saying in battle? Just a thought.

I know the devs and mgmt don’t read these, but maybe the mods could pass it along? Just a thought from an old, non-trash talking player :slight_smile:


Actually, people did want them (unfortunately):

But on the subject of your post, yes, I agree.


Thanks @Delta. I had not seen this post and know a lot of people has asked why they were added. Still, seems that a bit more thought might have gone into it. Though maybe they just lifted those emojis from another game. I know they have done it with many aspects of JWA.

They re basically the Clash Royale emotes , this whole game is like a frankenstein made from Clash Royale, Pokemon go and Jurassic park :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I kinda agree like add a heart eyed Mr.dna for Valentines and a leperchaun for St.patrick and a question one and a mistake one whichs slaps face because of doing something wrong for about 250 cash each.

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But its the best jurassic park game on mobile

I would like to see “Sorry”, “Good game”, and “Friending”. Also “Have fun” to begin the battle. I don’t like saying “Good luck”. I don’t want them to have good luck.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, jvpeters.

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Lol - Had not thought of that - good point!

Normally I tell them goodluck but 99.99% of the time I rarely see someone use the emojis unless I do first. :woman_shrugging:

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