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In game Icon issues

Hi, so this is sort of a simple issue, but my in game icon keeps changing back to the first option… has it been happening to anybody else? It’s been a few days, I was waiting to see if it would go back to normal but it keeps changing the icon to the first raptor option lol

I guess I could email support but that will take weeks :joy:

Hey Peter_B, does the icon changes back immediately or after restarting the game?

@Ned usually when I restart or go into a battle (either in arena, strike event, friendly…)

I’m not sure why that would happen TBH. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so they can take a closer look?

I understand that it might take some time for our team to respond, but it would really help them gather more information. Thanks!

@Ned sure thing! I know for a fact it will take weeks to get a reply :joy: but im gonna send it in anyways in case they can fix (its simple but its annoying lol) and in case anybody else is having this happen to them.
Thanks @Ned ! Appreciate your reply!

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Hopefully, our team can figure out what could be happening! :smiley:

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