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In game mail for 200 cash

Hey @Ned I received this in my in game mail today… I have never seen this before but heard about it… this is my first time filling it out… once I was done it said to complete click the link in my email but I never received one…

Can you help!


mine took a few minutes to come through.
Have you checked the spam or junk folder yet?

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i haven’t gotten the email yet either. signed up 30 mins ago

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Mine took like half an hour to receive

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Mind helping me? How do you exactly sign up for that? I have my gmail connected to JW Alive through Google Play Games

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@Qiew yeah I have been checking nothing yet

You have to fill out the link in your in game mail @NewNewbie

Didn’t get an email either

Ive never gotten one. Just recently checked, zilch. Oops just read that correctly, ign mail. Got it, thanks :smiley:

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just got my email

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I finally got my confirmation email!

I was greeted with this. Strange how I couldve claimed something that’s new. :joy:

Perhaps you clicked subscribed more than once. I did that and received this error, but luckily the error msg came after I received the hc.

Can you please send the confirmation email in order to claim my reward.


I didn’t get the email after filling out the page either

Same here…Nothing

I got the email and clicked for the reward and didn’t get it. When I clicked again it said I had already redeemed it but no reward received. So, uhmmm, help?

Got same issue…said I already received reward even though 1st time signing up for newslettter

Still rather confused but patience is everything.

So… it’s bugged?
I couldn’t redeem mine either, but of course… I also clicked more than once after more than 10 mins without the email answer.


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