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In game maintenance warning

Would it be possible to implement an in game warning along the lines of “The game will be undergoing maintenance starting in fifteen minutes.”

Every time, I get caught in the middle of a dungeon [or a rally, in this case] and lose an irritating amount of progress, as well as an entry fee, because I forget when scheduled maintenance is going to happen.

This is a very brilliant idea, yet I think too much complicated for Ludia.

Sorry for that.

There also no eta for the end of the maintenance.
I honestly think this can take many hour and it fine it a major patch

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There was an earlier post by a mod that claimed the update would last from 9am to 1pm Eastern US time. Don’t know if they’ll be finished by 1 pm considering the last update had problems.

Not so obvious from the post title since it was in the weekly schedule post, but here it is


Correct. Also an in game warning would be usefull for players who don’t read the Forum.

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As it stands it looks like the maintenance will last longer then expected. A post will be made closer to 1pm ET when I have more details.


Better take your time for a job well done I can wait haha

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