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In game Message [Envelope Icon] Not functioning Properly

I contacted Ludia through “Help & Support” regarding the event messages not showing on any of my devices. The difficulty I am having is when the message centre indicates i have unread messages, i click on the message “envelope” icon. Pressing the icon shows a list of unread messages. Clicking on any unread messages deletes it before it can be viewed. As such i have no access to information about current game events, updates, etc.

After contacting Ludia through the a Help & Support “converstion”. the support staff seemed somewhat uninterested in assisting with this issue. At the end of the conversation it was suggested I attempt to restart my device (which did nothing) and turn here for further assistance.

Although I consider it to be the responsibility of game engineers to resolve these issues, at Ludia’s bequest I am here asking if anyone has encountered this issue and knows of a working solution.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems viewing the in-game Mail, Orloch. Regarding current game events or updates, Jon usually makes an announcement here:

Our social media pages here also have regular announcements for game related news:

Thanks Ned. This is somewhat helpful. I can identify the schedule of events.

However, the links provided do not provide any specific information about the events. Using the current Test of Might event as an example, i cannot find the follwing important info, event backgound, buy-in cost, potential rewards, etc. It would be good if Ludia had a location to post this information if they no longer want the info available in the app.

I’ll definitely share your feedback with our team. Thank you!