In-game message

I tried to welcome a new player in my alliance but your dear system decided that it was against the Community Guidelines. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with my message, maybe the name of the player and it seems there is not way to modify this message. This is insane Ludia…


I’m sorry to hear that happened, Claude. Some messages/phrases can get automatically caught on the in-game filter.

Could I please ask you to email our support team at with the message you were trying to send? Our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at it for you. :mag:

Thank you!

The message has already been deleted by your system! I did a test with a new message with only two words: Welcome + the name of the new player and again it was against the “Community Guidelines”, so it’s really her/his name!!!

Alliance chat is broken, everything seems to be against community guidelines. They really need to check their filters.

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Always was. We had a player called Hasselpuff.
We were not allowed to use his name in chat.
Could type ‘Hassel’ and ‘Puff’ separately though.
Conversely, you can use some astonishing insults and other inappropriate language.

It’s totally not working as intended, but we stopped asking for functional chat a couple of years ago.
We created Discord servers to actually chat.
But that’s another problem, because Great Aunt Ludia thinks that Discord is a rude word too.