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In Game Messages :)

since i suggested this months ago…

i can say i’m very happy with that. messages no provocative message, discrete and easy to use.

added more fun and finally some social aspect to battles.

congrats to developers for that. :clap:


A gg emote would make messages a lot better


I was trying to find something that was like this after I played a game against someone and the best that I could find was well played. Lol :sweat_smile:

The in game messages are kind of funny. I already had one person send me two angry emotes during and after the game.

I actually thought it was a really great game. They kept my team on their toes.

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It makes the whole arena situation seem more bearable. Just a touch of light-hearted humanity to the infuriating dodge-fest.

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This morning i played against someone, who was really quick with emotes.
It started with “good luck” from both of us.
Once when his/her/their (oh man this pronoun is difficult) Procera was killed he? sent a “crying” emote followed by a “thumbs up” emote. After the match we said good-bye with “thanks” and “well played” emotes.
This was a nice and friendly battle. This player used emotes so well that i was smiling even though i lost the match.


We have the well played for now.

I even suggested the same thing a while back. The only difference with mine was the ability to text instead of using linear emotes.

We really need a “Good for you!” message, we could shorten it to GFY for simplicity…




I have no idea what you are talking about… cough…cough.

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Comments about your opponents intelligence or their mothers girth would also be welcome additions … obviously the devs don’t need to decide on it now, But They should just mull it over


the best funny options i saw was when a player used dracoceratops and my dino was left with too little health, but alive and ready to finish draco, and i sent an “oops” message.
and the player sent that angry animated emote

or when a player finished my dino and sent me an “oops” and i choosen my indo2 able to kill opponent’s team hehehe. the player sent that crying animated emote immediately.

i like that. if will be changed/improved in the future i don’t know, but for now it’s good. :wink:

althought when i climbed, i realized a thing: players from lockwood and below use them a lot. many higher level players from high aviary and library was not using or even muted. maybe we have more impatient players at that level, who want just finish the job.


I’m one of those Library players who keeps it muted. In fact I turned it off before my first battle after installing the new update. I’m not a kid anymore, so I’m just not into it. I’m also too busy concentrating on battling to worry about it.

Now I’m curious about something. Can my opponent tell I muted? What do they see on their end?

i figured those players were muted, because my chat button was not there to make a choice. i saw a pre 1.11 battle screen only with no mention to this communication system.

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Or have it so we can enable the selfie cam to streaming each other doing battle. Considering some of the gestures I make towards the phone they probably don’t want to see that.


let’s open phone mic. :smiling_imp:

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That would be even worse for me and would make my gestures look like Mary Poppins. I’ve been known to make sailors blush.