In Game Name

Is there anyway people can change their names more than 3 times. Just my 3 sons absolutely love this game but 2 of them like to change their names alot as it depends what they’re into at the time. Or they come up with a stupid one as they are kids and then want a more sensible one.

la forma mas facil es no haber tenido niños xDDD

I don’t agree with that, I love my children and wouldn’t ever change them or wish I never had them.

Well there is a work around. If you change your name to something that later gets flagged for being “offensive” They let you change it for free. Then just pick something else that can be deemed “offensive” by literally anyone on earth and of someone complains, you get to change it again. Maybe you can report them and claim their name is “Highly offensive” to you. Hope that helps.


Translation (from Google translate)

the easiest way is not to have had children xDDD

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An alternative suggestion, send support an email and see if they have a solution.