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In game purchases unreasonable?

So just throwing this out here to see if anyone else feels the same. For someone who has spent well over 200$ on this game, what exactly am I getting here? There is basically 2 game modes that don’t seem to reward the player one bit. And to get a competitive edge " jump the pay wall" to be able to move forward you have to fork it out hand over fist. I love the idea of this game and am a big dnd nerd so I like what’s going on but I’m I wrong in thinking the in game purchases are just unrealistically expensive???

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The pally was a hearty 50 bucks out of my pocket, but I feel it is worth it given she is already level 8 with 2 level 9 legendary items ready to go, so when she comes out I already have her built sort of and when new content comes out, hopefully soon I can really test her out

Yeah but you have to be already paying for VIP to what, drop another 50$??? I’m just saying that for the amount of content in this game, I could have bought like 4 new title console games and been far better off. I just hope it gets better I don’t mind investing in these kinds of things I just with it rewarded people who did a little more

I don’t play much console games so theres that

Yeah, the ingame market is totally unreasonnable.

In the span of about a year since “launch” they had 2 new characters which they charge 70 Each. Throw in the Montly VIP that was Brought in about 6 months ago at 14 (multiply it by 6)

And in that amount of time, the devs have the audacity to basicaly ask for over 224 ... and that's if you don't buy any Gem packs (7 to 140 ) and don’t buy any “special offer packages”

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And then there’s this gem ! So if you pay for VIP… And also payed 50$ on top of that then you get the 5X gear reward SMH… Screenshot_20190809-163046|281x500

Totally agree, there needs to be more to do and this game costs way to much for what we actually get. I have a huge sense of buyers remorse and I’m praying this isn’t just a disposable game. Currently the leet tactic is to stall leveling to avoid the roster system adding in weaker hero’s, also allowing you to limit possible gear in loot pool to funnel more items to specific heros. There needs to be an actual incentive to having more hero’s and equipping them, not a penalty. I paid so much for this… privilege? How about a war party mission tab that has its own timers and loot tables. The patch did have some huge quality of life improvements so I don’t want to be all doom and gloom :slight_smile:

“A product is worth what the lunatic wants to pay for it”, is a saying where I live. Seeing so many comments on this forum of people paying the dough, I think the pricing could be correct. They will only lower their prices if people would stop paying. The same thing goes for the Apple products with their outrageous pricing, everytime I’m laughing…
Me, I’m not spending :grinning:

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All in game purchases in all games are unreasonable.

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