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In Game Support continually closes ticket

So since I downloaded this game onto my iPhone 6 plus, I have continually had issues with the game crashing. To the point I rarely play. Recently though I thought I’d try to work through the problems, and contacted support. Having friends who also play the game, they gave me a run down of things to try that support would cut and paste for me to do. So I did them all before contacting support. Restarted my device. Deleted the game, reinstalled the game. Deleted the game, restarted the device, reinstalled the game. Logged out of game center and logged into the game. Deleted the game while logged out of game center, restarted the device, redownloaded the game. Logged back into game center. None of these things helped. Contacted in game support, told them all of these things didn’t help, and of course was told to try them after getting scolded for “spamming”. Mind you it took me 6-8 crashes to type all that out, and so I was constantly sending info as I typed. I of course was told if those steps didn’t help me, they’d work with me to sort things out and trouble shoot. I wrote back telling them I’d already told them I tried all of those things, reiterated that I’d done them, and still needed help. Ever since then - in game support has not responded and just closed my tickets. Every day or two I reopen the ticket saying I don’t understand why they’d tell me they’d help me, and they close the ticket immediately. Without any explanation at all.

I think the truth is unfortunately that the game has been enhanced so much that it won’t run properly on a phone that doesn’t have more recent/faster processors than an iPhone 6. I was having increasing problems on my iPhone 8 after updates when the graphics got flashier.

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Same here. I just keep receiving conversation closed with no reason why to legitimate questions and concerns. I’m guessing it is because I’m not a vip player.