In game tech support conversation causes crash to desk top error and game lock out

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Bug Description: While contacting in game tech support using the message system with attachments and possibly without causes a crash to desktop type of bug (Crash out of the game)
Also, after crash can not reenter the game. Stops at 1/31 loading and crashes back with a message of Something went wrong with JW alive.
JW Alive closed because the app has a bug.
Have gotten a message that said try clearing the app’s cache first, and then reopen app.
This does not fix the bug.
Clearing the data, does clear the bug, it also clears my messages to tech support, from me to them and them to me.
Have also gotten a message that says Try updating the app after its developer provides a fix for this error.

Area is was found in: Game crashing due to using ingame support text message system,

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to settings.
Step 2 - Click on Help &Info
Step 3 -Click on Help and Support.
Step 4. Click on a subject matter and then contact Ludia support or use the text box in upper corner to text Ludia support
Step 5 Send them a message with a screen shot or attachment.
Step 6. Play game a bit and have a crash.

To get back into game go into phone settings. Go into Apps. Go into JW Alive. Go into storage.
Bottom click clear cache. Click clear Data.
Relaunch the game. Set up everything again. Remember to change drone settings to veteran and turn off music and other stuff.
Play game.
Still suffer from purchase bug.

(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: This appears like a repeatable bug, It has happened more than once, since there are a couple of purchase bugs, I have tried to use ingame ludia support more than once recently. .

What type of device are you using: Samsung S20+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Thank you for the report, Whitecat31.

May I ask you to reach out to our team by normal email at It’ll help them investigate further. You can include your device information and support key as well.

I did. I think you guys did an update to fix it.